Saturday, March 20, 2010

Girls with silicone in their faces

Yes, I'm starting with this! These pictures are too good not to share. So without further ado,

Okay in reality it's probably a dermal filler but SILICONE sounds much scarier. Actually, injecting cooking oil or baby oil is much much scarier! Never heard of such a thing? This is why I am this to find out. These are really disturbing pictures so you decide. Also the pic below is Amanda Lepore. She is not really a woman, but that is a hell of a lot of silicone in her face.

I'm not sure who is to blame for the phenomenon of girls pumping their faces, lips in particular with hylaronic acid, but it is not attractive when over done.

EXHIBIT A) We have all seen Lisa Rinna's lips and wondered what the hell is she thinking. These sausage lips have been stuffed since the 80's.
"Can Lisa Rinna's upper lip be repaired? It looks like a prolapsed rectum (ie, it has collapsed and has no elasticity)."-

I know I'm immature but I'm sorry it does look like a prolapsed rectum! Not that I've seen that but I'm using my imagination and this is what it would look like. Now some pics that will give you nightmares.

WTF? Does this look painful or what? The Horror..THE HORROR!!!!
My friend would say, "Her mouth looks like a butthole." Yes it does..a shiny butthole.

Attention all men who may be answering ads on Moscow's IS WHAT SHE WILL LOOK LIKE!!
Like a man who has been sucking on a car exhaust pipe. Nothing sets off a droopy, trout pout like a pair of skinny drawn-on tranny eyebrows and a receding hairline. Okay with bangs she might not look like such a freak, (yes she would). The huge forehead really throws things off. But this next pic is obviously the devil's work....

So lets admire the technique at least. I mean her stenciled on eyebrows are symmetrical. Her crispy bleached hair is gently blowing in the wind. Her luscious, brown juicy lips are...NO! She looks like her boy-friend has been slapping her in the mouth for talking back and her eyebrows tried to crawl away up her forehead slowly with no one noticing.

MMMmmmm....I have no feeling in my giant plastic lips..I also enjoy gold lame' clothing...

Ok seriously, this is the last pic and it is so f*cked up. It is all things wrong with the world..ARRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

They're so lumpy and misshapen. It's retinas are bursting into flames as I'm sure are all of yours..
the end.